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 Water is one of the four classic elements along with air, fire and earth. It can be represented in the form of fountains, pools, ponds and a variety of waterfeatures.

waterfeatures and poolsWe all enjoy swimming pools, but not everyone wants them to cool off in the summer or to swim.  From a spiritual standpoint, a functional swimming pool is looked at as an element of water and not so much for its other beneficial aspects.

This pool was integrated into the natural landscape and gives the illusion of water falling over the edge of a cliff as a waterfall.


Flowing water is importantSince water adds a dynamic quality to the garden, it must be visible whether that is in the form of a bubbling fountain, a pool of water or flowing as in these teired bird bath bowls.

Water adds movement to the design and the speed at which it flows can have an invigorating effect or provide a sense of tranquility as in a still reflecting pool.

Waterfeatures and fountains will attract wildlife if they provide access and platforms so they can drink.

Birdbaths not only provide perches, but they are shallow enough so birds can take a bath and rinse their feathers.

Butterflys will be attracted if there are shallow stones placed just above the water surface.

water can be used symbolically



Symbolically, sand, gravel or small pebbles can be used to represent water in the form of a lake, dry stream or ocean. The sand can be raked as shown in this picture to represent waves on the water's surface.



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