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 3D Yantra mandala

Sacred geometry has been used in what is sometimes called sacred architecture because of the use of the Golden Mean and Phi proportions seen throughout nature.

Mandalas are quite useful for a garden setting because they are two dimensional for the most part.

This Yantra to the left represents the spiritual path and the ascension process to awakening found at the center. Through the outer gateways, one ascends levels of spiritual unfoldment and eventually reaches Samadi or enlightenment.

Below is a courtyard that utilizes several forms of symbolism:

  • The gateway between the steps represents a key that unlocks the passageway
  • The steps represent ascending and aspiring towards spiritual fulfillment
  • The pool is in the shape of a cross, denoting the intersection of Heaven and Earth
  • The water is still allowing it to function as a reflection pool and in turn, reflecting Heaven and the sky 
  • The centerpoint of the water is balanced by the four concical shrubs, representing triangles, fire and pointing towards Heaven. Four is symbolic for the earth as it represents a square or rectangle with four sides, grounding and balanced.

 Yantra inspired courtyard

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