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Air as one of the four classic elements can be represented in the garden in a number of ways, namely through wind, sound and movement. Air gives life through its component molecules of Carbon and Oxygen. It feeds fire and soil. It is what we breath.

wind chimes in the garden


Air has a close connection with Eather, which is an unseen, unsensed aspect of our surroundings and more associated with Spirit. Prana or Chi is the cosmic breath of life in Chinese and Hindu philosophies.

Air in the form of wind provides an energy force that has tremendous power. Its slow moving form creates gentle energy for wind chimes. The chimes in turn produce melodic soundwaves which travel through the air. Thus sound is an aspect of air.





 Tibetan prayer flags



Flags and banners or anything else that captures the wind like swaying bamboo or tall grasses reflect the element air and are easy to include in any garden design. But the symbolism of air and wind reflected in the use of

Tibetan prayer flags is most auspicious. It is believed that the prayers inscribed on the surface of the flags when hung outside will transmit the blessings and prayers to all beings of the world carried upon the wings of the wind. 




kinetic sculpture

Kinetic sculpture is another design element for a garden but with much more energy and perhaps chaos depending on the nature of the piece. Some pieces are simple while others are more complex.

Smoke can also represent the element air in the form of a fire or incense.




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